#BookReview: WINGING IT by Anne Jefferson @annajefferson @orionbooks @alexxlayt

Publication: 12th November 2020 – Orion

Emily is sure she’s getting this baby stuff all wrong. Why does everyone else look like they’re smashing motherhood when she’s barely made it out of her maternity leggings and out of the house?

Her other half tries to say all the right things (can’t he just keep making her toast?). Her mum is brilliant (but on the other side of the country). Her two new mum-friends seem to feel like misfits too – but there’s really just one person she wants to open up to . . . only Emily hasn’t spoken to her for fifteen years.

Lonely but not alone, Emily’s about to discover that when you’re starting a family, what you really need are your friends.

Hilariously funny and excruciatingly relatable – perfect for fans of THE UNMUMSY MUM, Louise Pentland and Gill Sims.




Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! I am delighted to welcome you on my stop for the blog tour of Winging It, the wonderful new novel by Anna Jefferson.

Winging It is a well-written and insightful novel about motherhood. What I really liked about this novel is how authentic and relatable both the story and the characters feel. The protagonist, Emily, is a new mother who struggles to adapt to life taking care of her baby girl. While everyone else around her seems to be doing just fine, Emily is having a hard time coping with the lack of sleep, change of humor, the annoyance to her partner for the smallest thing.

Not her supportive-yet-often-clueless partner, not her family who lives far away seems to understand her fears and her doubts. And then she meets other mothers who, like her, are struggling, new mothers who quickly become new friends and I enjoyed how Winging It focuses on this friendship between the new mothers, how they support and comfort each other.

I found Winging It funny, engaging, and realistic, a fantastic story about parenthood, love, family, and friendship, perfect not only for mothers, but for everyone, because you will feel you can identify with the characters and their problems.

A huge thank you to Alex and Orion for inviting me to join the blog tour and providing me with a proof of the novel.


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