#BlogTour: ALL FALL DOWN by M. J. Arlidge @mjarlidge @orionbooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

51CiKOb4aeLPublication: 11th July 2020 – Orion

“You have one hour to live.”

Those are the only words on the phone call. Then they hang up. Surely, a prank? A mistake? A wrong number? Anything but the chilling truth… That someone is watching, waiting, working to take your life in one hour.

But why?

The job of finding out falls to DI Helen Grace: a woman with a track record in hunting killers. However, this is A case where the killer seems to always be one step ahead of the police and the victims.

With no motive, no leads, no clues – nothing but pure fear – an hour can last a lifetime…

Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/2Yy5Cpq


Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for All Fall Down, the new novel by M. J. Arlidge and the ninth novel featuring DI Helen Grace.

Imagine you are about to leave the office and head for home, imagine you receive an anonymous call from someone saying “You have one hour to live”. Would you take it seriously or would you freak out? With the movie The Ring in mind, I would freak out and hide very far away, but when successful entrepreneur Justin Lanning receives the call, he gets into a car and goes home thinking that he will be safe there. Obviously that’s not the case and when other people start getting the same call, DI Helen Grace and her team know they have to find the killer before more people are murdered.

All Fall Down is a twisty, dark, and unpredictable novel. You think you have figure out the truth just to find out that, actually, you have not. The short chapters and the fast pace of the story make you turn page after page unable to put it down. I loved the “book within the book” structure as the author inserts extracts from a book that it’s central to the story. The tension is always high and the claustrophobic and chilling atmosphere gave me goose-bumps.

DI Helen Grace is a fantastic and complex character. She has never a moment of calm both in her personal and professional life, luckily she is surrounded by a fantastic team who support her, especially Charlie, who is struggling juggling motherhood and her job. I am not really fond of the new member of the team, DS Joseph Hudson, (I am not elaborating further about it to not spoil it) but I am looking forward to see how his story develops.

All Fall Down is an exciting and thrilling read that will make you hold your breath and it will keep you hooked from the first to the last page… a read not to miss!

A huge thank you to Tracy and Orion for inviting me to join the blog tour and providing me with a copy of the novel.


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