#BookReview: THE NIGHT COUNTRY by Melissa Albert @mimi_albert @PenguinUKBooks

The Night CountryPublication: 9th January 2020 – Penguin Books

An addictive thriller crossed with the darkest of fairytales that’s guaranteed to keep you up all night…


Alice has fought hard for a normal life. Having escaped the Hinterland – the strange, pitch-dark world she was born into – she has washed up in New York City, determined to build a new future for herself.

But when her fellow survivors start being brutally murdered, Alice must face the fact that the Hinterland cannot be so easily escaped. And that, from the shadows of her past something – or someone – is coming for her…

Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/36lwwTl


I have been waiting for so long to read this book!!! The Night Country was at the top of my list of books I absolutely have to read in 2020 and I devoured in two days (wish my job didn’t take away so much of my reading time). My expectations were really high and they were amply exceeded.

In The Hazel Wood, Alice left the Hinterland with the truth about her origins and followed by a bunch of the characters that inhabited her grandmother’s fairy tales. Now, Alice is still struggling with the truth and she is trying to find her place into the world. When someone starts killing her fellow characters, or ex-Stories, Alice needs to find out the truth before her world is destroyed. In the meantime, Ellery Finch remained in the Hinterland in search of adventure, but now he is looking for a way back to his world and his girl…

“The Hinterland was a clock, perfectly weighted and balanced and spinning in time.”

It’s so exciting to be back to the magic and menacing world created by Melissa Albert. You can’t read this as a stand-alone. It is mandatory to read The Hazel Wood, not only to better understand The Night Country, but also because it’s an addictive story. If you’ve read The Hazel Wood, you know the plot is dark and suspenseful and it is much more so in The Night Country. Alice and her mother Ella are back and their relationship is still far from easy, Ellery is finding his way back to his world, and we meet new characters and read new suspenseful and thrilling storylines.

Melissa Albert is a fantastic author and her stories are magical, thrilling, and original. Highly recommended!!!

A huge thank you to Penguin and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the novel.




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