#BlogTour: FALSE PROPHET by James Hazel @JamesHazelBooks @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

51qSq4ohhWL.SX316.SY316Publication: 19th September 2019 – Zaffre

A secret buried for two thousand years.
The rise of an ancient evil.
An invisible killer who will stop at nothing.

When a brutal serial killer defies all known methods, the police call in prolific lawyer and former homicide detective, Charlie Priest, to assist the hunt.

Working together they soon discover a link to a lost scripture that contains a secret so devastating that its custodians are prepared to die to keep it.

Tangled in a dark world of fanaticism, chaos and deadly secrets, Priest comes up against a nemesis more formidable and deranged than any he has previously encountered.

There is no Judgement Day. There is something far worse.


False Prophet is dark and gripping and I am excited to welcome you on my stop of this brand new novel by James Hazel. A huge thank you to Tracy for inviting me to join the blog tour and for providing me with a copy of the novel.

False Prophet is the third novel featuring detective Charlie Priest, but, if, like me, you still haven’t had the pleasure to read the first two books, you won’t have any problem reading it as a stand-alone. There is a serial killer on the loose in London. Three bodies have been found with a nail on their heads and religious symbols, so detective Tiff Rowlinson has no choice but to involve his old friend Charlie Priest, a former detective now working on his own. As Charlie investigates, the case takes a darker and more twisty turn until things get very personal for him.

Why did I enjoy this novel? Well, the tension is high from the very first page and it keeps building up until the end. ThereĀ is murder, religious fanaticism, conspiracies, and serial killers that fit with the dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of the story. And then the author created a cast of very complex characters. Charlie Priest, the protagonist, is likable and smart and, like every hero in thriller novels, he has a knack for getting himself in trouble and in the path of the killer. He doesn’t stop until he finds out the truth and his life is often in danger. I enjoyed reading about his relationship with his family, from his adorable young niece to his notorious serial killer brother. The author also gives us glimpses of the killer’s mind and it is twisted, sinister, and scary.

False Prophet is a compelling, thrilling, unpredictable and tense novel that will give you goose bumps and will make you check your door is locked at night… so it’s definitely worth reading it!


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