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image001Publication: 7th March 2019 (eBook); 22nd August 2019 (paperback) – Orion

Aydin Torkal – aka Sleeper 13 – is on the run.

Hunted not only by the world’s intelligence agencies, but also by the elite brotherhood of insurgents he betrayed, he has lived the past year like a ghost.

Until now.

MI6 agent Rachel Cox knows Aydin better than anyone. The only person who believes he is an ally in the ongoing war on terror, not the enemy.

So when a coded message arrives from him, warning her not to trust her own colleagues, Rachel must choose between her career and the truth.

But as Aydin hunts down those who destroyed his childhood, the trail he follows will lead him closer to home than he ever expected.

He won’t stop until he has his revenge.

He is FUGITIVE 13.


It is my great pleasure to kick off the blog tour for FUGITIVE 13, the new thrilling novel by Rob Sinclair, and the sequel to Sleeper 13. A huge thank you to Tracy Fenton for organizing the blog tour and inviting me to join and to Orion for providing me with a copy of the book.

Last year I had the pleasure to join the blog tour for Sleeper 13 and read this gripping and thought-provoking novel about a MI6 agent trying to find and destroy the Farm, a secluded and remote place where a terrorist group trains children to kill and hate. Rachel Cox is the MI6 agent looking for the Farm. Aydin Torkal is Talatashar, number 13, one of the children who was trained at the Farm. Now, in FUGITIVE 13, Rachel is facing the consequences of the events in Sleeper 13, while Aydin is looking for the truth. Why did his father took him from his home and his family to send him to the Farm to become a terrorist?

20190518_181154 (1)Rachel is a strong and smart female character. Her search for the truth is dangerous and unpredictable, but she never backs down. Aydin is smart and determined, a survivor with a hard past, and I really felt for him as he remembers his time at the Farm and regrets the childhood and the family that was stolen from him.

FUGITIVE 13 is a fast-paced and intense spy-story that will take you from Spain to Egypt, from Afghanistan to Syria while Rachel and Aydin look for the truth, question loyalties and choose who to trust.

The world of FUGITIVE 13, and its prequel Sleeper 13, is relevant, realistic, and very scary and Rob Sinclair really knows how to capture the attention of the reader. There is never a dull moment, the tension is always high, and the characters are engaging and well-developed. I really love this series and I was delighted to find out that there is third book coming out next year that I can’t wait to read! FUGITIVE 13 is definitely one of the books to read this summer!!!

Follow the rest of the blog tour:

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