#BookReview: STRINGS ATTACHED by Erin Reinelt @erinreinelt @KatieVEBrown @TrapezeBooks

Strings AttachedPublication: 11th July 2019 – Trapeze

Straight-laced Jean has always done what’s expected of her. By her traditional parents, her demonic boss and her manchild of a boyfriend, Charlie, who has just heckled her friend’s wedding, set fire to the marquee and then relieved himself on Jean’s stilettos. Jean is done with cleaning up other people’s messes, and done with being the good girl.

Waving goodbye to her comfort zone, Jean decides to be a woman heels-over-head and not head-over-heals in love. A woman who screams ‘YES!’ to life and goes on dates with married-but-open pianists like sexy Gabriel… Jean is exploring all that modern romance has to offer, and finally having a little fun.

But can the fun last without entangled hearts being broken? Jean is about to find out.

Featuring an unforgettable cast of characters, this novel is an homage to female-friendship, empowerment and love, which will have you laughing-out-loud and rooting for Jean all the way!


I’d like to start by thanking Katie Brown and Trapeze for providing me with a copy of STRINGS ATTACHED. It was described as “fun, fresh, feminist fiction that will have you laughing in recognition and yelling in solidarity” and I found myself completely captivated by the story.

Jean has been enduring her drunk boyfriend Charlie’s shenanigans for three long years, but now she has had enough. After breaking up with him, Jean decides it’s time to be more open about her love life and, following the advice of her sister Danielle, she signs up on Thrindel (to meet couples) and travels to Mallorca for an orgasmic retreat with her best friend Tess. And as if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she also falls in love with Gabriel. Handsome, charming, and caring, he is too good to be true, right? In fact, he is married, but his wife lives in New York and they have an open marriage. Will Jean find what she is looking for?

STRINGS ATTACHED is an honest, original, and hilarious novel. Jean gets herself in awkward and laugh-out-loud situations, like going undercover at a sex party, Eyes-Wide-Shut style, or having intestinal problems while attempting to have a threesome. She has a conflicting relationship with her family – not with her sister Danielle, but her parents are a nightmare, I am surprised she still talked to them – and she doesn’t have much luck in love, but her friends are always there for her. I enjoyed reading her group messages with her best friends Tess and Richard. They were so entertaining, sarcastic and sincere.

If you are looking for something refreshing that will make you laugh, then this is a novel I highly recommend!


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