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Cats, Cannolis...coverPublication: 24th September 2018

“Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping” is the first novel in the Anna Romano Mystery Series. It is a funny, whimsical, murder mystery series that appeals to ‘mystery readers’ of all ages.

Anna Romano is a middle-aged, Italian woman who is also a successful published author, a lover of cats, and an excellent cook with a hankering for Italian cuisine. She lives by herself in her quaint house, in a quiet community, with a white picket fence in Central New Jersey.

When she is not writing her next book or hosting book-signing events with her publicist, she is cleaning litter boxes and baking Cannolis…but never at the same time, of course!

In this first installment, on a typical day in Anna’s somewhat-perfect life, a book-signing event turns her world upside down. Is it a case of mistaken identity or was she just being paranoid?


This was certainly a most unusual read. It’s both a mystery novel and a humorous story. I laughed, especially at the dialogues and the situations the protagonist get herself in, but I was also on edge during some of the suspenseful moments.

The protagonist is Anna Romano. She is 37 years old and she lives in Jersey Shore. She is single, but she has the company of seven cats that she adores. She is a successful author of crime fiction and during an event at a bookstore, she is approached by a man who leaves her unsettled and leaves her in a curious and dangerous situation.

I really liked the character of Anna and I am already looking forward to more of her adventures (next book coming in January). She is annoyed by people who find strange that, since she is Italian and 37 years old, she is still not married. She likes to cook cannolis. She is funny, smart, and likable.

The mystery side of the story is twisty and suspenseful and sometimes it verges on the absurd that gives the story a funny and witty feeling. There is also some romance, represented by the character of Detective John Solace who helps Anna with her problems.

The story is not very long, less than two hundred pages, and the reading flows easily under the author’s fluent and witty writing. CATS, CANNOLIS, AND A CURIOUS KIDNAPPING is an easy and entertaining read with engaging characters and a captivating plot and I’d like to thank Emma Welton and Damppebbles Blog Tours for providing me with a copy of the book and for inviting me to take part in the blog tour.

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Cheryl Denise Bannerman author photoWriting under pen name, Cheryl Denise Bannerman, Ms. Powell is an author of two self-published books, and an owner of a 22-year-old Training and Development company, specializing in eLearning, called Learn2Engage.

In her personal life and relationships, Ms. Powell has learned how to turn tragedies into triumphs through her strong will, faith, tenacity and most importantly, her quirky sense of humor. She now turns that keen knowledge of relationships and people, along with her various degrees and experience in Training and Development, into fun, engaging online courses for ‘Corporate America’, and, of course, in her works of fiction.

Within each of her works of fiction, a topic of social concern is addressed. From addictions to domestic violence, and suicide to molestation.

Her writings inspire people to live, laugh, love, learn and grow. She believes that when the world laughs at you, laugh harder. In Ms. Powell’s real and fictional world, she has learned how to create her own ‘happy ending’…one day at a time.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cbannerman01

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BannermanBooksdotCom/

Website: http://www.bannermanbooks.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bannermanbooks18/

Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2I9iYQC

Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/2xJqEUF

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Terms and conditions: One US winner will receive a signed paperback copy of Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping and one US winner will receive a $10 B&N voucher.  The draw will be random and you cannot choose your prize.  There is no cash alternative.  The giveaway will close at midnight BST on Saturday 29th September 2018.  The winner of the paperback will need to provide their postal address.  The winner of the B&N voucher will need to provide their email address.  These addresses will be passed onto Cheryl Denise Bannerman for her to distribute the prizes.  The addresses will not be kept.  Good luck.


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