Woman in the Window Anna Fox suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of being outside, and for the last ten months she has been inside her house watching old movies, counseling online other people who are agoraphobic like her, taking medications and drinking an alarming quantity of wine. In her former life, Anna was a child psychologist married to Ed with whom she has a daughter, Olivia. But now Ed and Olivia are gone and Anna only talks to them on the phone.

Anna spends her days spying on the neighbors and, at the moment, she is drawn to the Russells, the family who just moved next door: Alistair and Jane and their sixteen-year-old son Ethan. Anna starts to spy on them from her window but one night she sees something terrible, something that she wasn’t supposed to see. But when no one believes her story, Anna has to take the matter in her own hands.

What I loved about this book is that Anna is an unreliable character. The story is told in first person but, because of her drinking and medications and because of her psychological situation, you don’t know if she is telling the truth. As the truth about her past, about the cause of her phobia slowly unravels, the suspense raises and I couldn’t wait to read what would happen next.

If the first book I read this year is anything to go by, this is going to be a great year book-wise. THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is the terrific, remarkable, and engrossing exploration inside a woman’s mind, her fears, her guilt, and her hopes. A. J. Finn’s writing is superb, captivating, and keeps you glued to the page. I loved the attention to details and the descriptions of Anna’s feelings are so vivid and evocative that I could really feel for her.

If you loved The Girl On The Train you will adore this. Unreliable drunk main character, she spies on people, she sees something horrible, nobody believes her. The right ingredients for the perfect thriller. Add an Hitchcockian setting and you have an unputdownable book.

Full of complex and well-drawn characters, a well-developed, twisty, and completely absorbing novel, suspenseful but also a bit emotional, I stayed up late at night reading and I refused to go to bed until I reached the end which resulted in me going to work next morning sleep-deprived but a very satisfied and happy reader.

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is out on January 25th in the UK.

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