THE ECHO KILLING by Christi Daugherty

The Echo Killing

Fifteen years ago, twelve-year-old Harper McClain came home from school to find her mother brutally murdered.

Now, Harper is the top crime reporter of Savannah’s newspaper and she spends her nights chasing crimes along with her photographer friend Miles. One afternoon, the body of a woman is found in her home by her young daughter and when Harper arrives on the crime scene she can’t help but notice the many similarities to her mother’s murder. Harper quickly becomes obsessed with this murder and, as the police seems to get nowhere, she starts investigating on her own. The more she investigates, the more she finds obstacles along the way, even from people very close to her. As the obsession takes over her life and threatens to destroy everything she’s worked for, Harper needs to find the killer before it is too late.

I was first drawn to THE ECHO KILLING from the blurb, which I found intriguing and captivating, and then when I read the first page I was completely hooked. I liked the character of Harper, she is smart, sharp, and determined. I liked the setting of Savannah, in Georgia, which is very well described with its evocative streets and tourist areas. I loved the plot which is dark, twisty, and fast-paced. And I liked that there is some romance as Harper starts a relationship with her long-time friend, detective Luke Walker, which is complicated by the fact that police and journalists shouldn’t be personally involved.

If all of the above isn’t enough, I will add that the author’s writing is brilliant and absorbing.

THE ECHO KILLING novel ends with a few unanswered questions but it is the first book in a series, so I am really looking forward to reading more about Harper.

THE ECHO KILLING is out on January 1st in the UK.

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