#BookReview: SILVER IN THE BONE by Alexandra Bracken @alexbracken @teambkmrk

Publication: 4th April 2023 – Quercus Children’s Books

From underground Boston to the cursed ruins of Avalon, join a deadly hunt fuelled by love, revenge and pure adrenaline to find a legendary ring and break the curse.

Tamsin Lark is a Hollower. In search of treasure, she breaks into the ancient crypts of dark sorceresses.

Now, rumours are swirling about a powerful ring from Arthurian legend, a ring that could free her brother, Cabell from a curse. But they aren’t the only ones who covet it . . .

As word spreads, greedy Hollowers start circling, and many would kill to have the ring for themselves. Tamsin is forced into an alliance with her rival Emrys, the last person she wants to rely on. Together, they dive headfirst into a vipers’ nest of dark magic, and expose a deadly secret with the power to awaken ghosts of the past and shatter her last hope of saving her brother . . .

This is the stunning new dark fantasy romance from one of the top fantasy authors writing today.



After reading many raving reviews about Silver in the Bone, I was really looking forward to reading it myself and it didn’t disappoint! A contemporary fantasy that features the legend of King Arthur and the mythical Isle of Avalon, together with curses, revenge, magic rings, a bit of romance, and tropes of enemies-to-lovers and found family.

There is only one person in the world who seventeen-year-old Tasmin Lark loves and cares about and it’s her brother Cabell. For the last seven years, they have been on their own, following the disappearance of their foster father, surviving on tarot card readings and working as Hollowers, hunting for magic treasures. Now, they are looking for a powerful ring that could break Cabell’s curse, but they are not the only ones.

I really enjoyed Silver in the Bone. I liked the magic system (initially I was slightly confused by it, but then I caught on) and I loved the unique and strong characters, especially Tasmin and Emrys, her former rival and now temporary ally. I loved their easy and witty banter and how their relationship develops throughout the story and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the sequel. The side characters are also interesting and entertaining, especially Neve whose cheerfulness managed to light up some of the sinister scenes.

The novel is very well-written, with tales of legends and myths that kept me immersed in the story and a fascinating world-building. There are many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat and a final unexpected surprise that made me wish that the second book was already out and in my hands. Dark, suspenseful, and full of surprises, Silver in the Bone is surely on the list of my favorite books of the year!

A huge thank you to Quercus Children’s Books and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of this fantastic novel.

Alexandra Bracken is the No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of LorePassengerWayfarer, The Darkest Minds series and the Prosper Redding series. After selling her debut novel in college, Alex worked in children’s publishing for several years before leaving to write full time. She now lives in Arizona, where she was born and raised. Visit her online at www.alexandrabracken.com and on Twitter and Instagram @alexbracken

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