#BookReview: FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING by Jesse Q. Sutanto @thewritinghippo @HQstories

Publication: 31st March 2022 – HQ

It’s supposed to be the perfect day…
After getting away with literal murder, Meddy can’t wait to settle down and marry the love of her life, Nathan. She’s found the dress, got the dream venue at Christ Church College, Oxford, plus having a destination wedding comes with the added bonus of not having to invite her very large extended family.

…But is it even a wedding if nobody gets killed?
Although when her meddling aunties get involved, Meddy knows her wedding is going to be anything but quiet. Even though there’s no dead body hidden in the freezer this time, for better or worse, it’s certainly going to be a day she’s never going to forget…



Meddy and her crazy and hilarious family are back for a wedding no one will ever forget.

After the events of the first book, Dial A For Aunties, Meddy has finally everything she ever wanted: some kind of independence from her overprotective and interfering mother and aunties, although she still goes to dinner to her mother’s every evening, and the man of her dreams. Meddy and Nathan are getting married and her mother seems to have found the perfect catering company. It’s a family company and Meddy quickly starts to consider the photographer, Staphanie, a friend. Of course, weddings can be stressful and with her family being her family, things won’t be easy or relaxing. For one thing, the wedding is in Oxford, where Nathan’s more conservative family lives, and Meddy’s mother and aunts have been learning to speak with a British accent and a vocabulary that had me with tears in my eyes from laughing. Also, there are the ridiculous huge hats that they have bought for the wedding. And when Meddy thinks that things couldn’t get any worse than her and Nathan’s family not getting along, she finds out that Staphanie is not who she really says she is and that her wedding day may turn into a mafia gun fight.

If I had to describe this book with two words, I would say HILARIOUS and ADDICTIVE! It’s been a while since I laughed so much reading a book. The situations that Meddy and her family get into are incredibile, ridiculous and entertaining. Meddy’s aunts and mother are fantastic characters. They are loud, meddling, and they talk about murdering people like one talks about going grocery shopping, and you can’t help but love them.

If you’re looking for laugh, romance, and fantastic and lovable characters, then I highly suggest you read Four Aunties and A Wedding… you won’t regret it!

A huge thank you to HQ and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of this novel.

Jesse Sutanto is an author of books for children and adults. She is the author of The Obsession, a YA suspense novel forthcoming from Sourceboks Fire in February 2021, and Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit, the first in a middle grade series set to publish in early 2022 from Imprint.

She received her Masters from the University of Oxford. She grew up in Indonesia and Singapore and currently lives in Jakarta with her husband and two daughters.

You can find out more about Jesse on her website www.jesseqsutanto.com and follow her on Twitter @thewritinghippo and on Facebook and Instagram @JesseQSutanto

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