#BookReview: CASTLES IN THEIR BONES by Laura Sebastian @sebastian_lk @hodderscape

Publication: 1st February 2022 – Hodder & Stoughton

Born to rule. Raised to deceive.

The plot: overthrow a kingdom. The goal: world domination. The plan: marriage.

Empress Margaraux has had plans for her daughters since the day they were born. Princesses Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz will be queens. And now, age sixteen, they each must leave their homeland and marry their princes.

Beautiful, smart, and demure, the triplets appear to be the perfect brides – because Margaraux knows there is one common truth: everyone underestimates a girl. Which is a grave mistake. Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz are no innocents. They have been trained since birth in the arts of deception, seduction, and violence with a singular goal – to bring down monarchies – and their marriages are merely the first stage of their mother’s grand vision: to one day reign over the entire continent of Vestria.

The princesses have spent their lives preparing, and now they are ready, each with her own secret skill, and each with a single wish, pulled from the stars. Only, the stars have their own plans – and their mother hasn’t told them all of hers.

Life abroad is a test. Will their loyalties stay true? Or will they learn that they can’t trust anyone – not even each other?

Laura Sebastian stuns in this new trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of Ash Princess. A spellbinding story of three princesses and the destiny they were born for: seduction, conquest, and the crown.



What a fantastic and immersive read!!! Castles In Their Bones is my first novel by Laura Sebastian, even though I heard of her and her novels before, and I was hooked! It’s full of magic, political intrigue, secrets, and deceptions. And I loved the triple point of view, switching from one sister to another, that made it difficult to put the book down.

Castles In Their Bones is the story of three sisters, triplets, princesses. Since their birth, Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz were raised by their mother, Empress Margaraux, with only one goal: marry the prince/heir/king of a nearby kingdom and bring it down from the inside so that their mother could sweep in and easily conquer it.

After spending all their life together, Daphne, Beatriz, and Sophronia have to say goodbye to each other and travel to a foreign country to marry a man they barely (or not at all) know. Soon, they find themselves entangled with rebels, escaping assassination attempts, hiding magic, and finding love interests. Will they be able to accomplish what they were raised to do?

Even though they are triplets, Daphne, Beatriz, and Sophronia are very different characters, each with their different skills and abilities that make them whole. I liked all three of them, but if I had to pick a favourite, I would say Sophronia (Sophie), because I think she is the kindest and more generous of the three, the one with more morals.

The plot is engaging and gripping and full of many twists that I didn’t see coming. Most of all, I didn’t expect the ending that left me wanting for more. I can’t wait to read the sequel, because I do need to know what happens next.

A huge thank you to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of the novel.

Laura Sebastian was born and raised in South Florida and has always loved telling stories-many apologies to her little brother who often got in trouble because of them. She currently lives in London with her two dogs, Neville and Circe. She is the author of the New York Times bestselling Ash Princess series, Half Sick of Shadows, and the upcoming Castles in their Bones.

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