#BookReview: FIFTY-FIFTY by Steve Cavanagh @SSCav @orionbooks

Publication: 3rd September 2020 – Orion

Two sisters on trial for murder. They accuse each other.
Who do YOU believe?

‘911 what’s your emergency?’

‘My dad’s dead. My sister Sofia killed him. She’s still in the house. Please send help.’

‘My dad’s dead. My sister Alexandra killed him. She’s still in the house. Please send help.’

One of them is a liar and a killer.

But which one?




Oh, I have been waiting for this book for so long… or so it seemed. I am a huge fan of the Eddie Flynn series and I was so excited for this fifth novel that I read it in one day.

I really like the character of Eddie Flynn. An ex con turned into a lawyer who would do anything to defend his client, he is smart, resourceful, and really good at his job. He defends only people he is certain they are innocent, and he usually can figure this out in the first minutes of meeting them. His new client is Sofia Avellino. Her father, Frank Avellino, ex mayor of New York, was stabbed 53 times in his home, and his two daughters, Sofia and Alexandra, accuse each other of the murder. While Eddie Flynn represents Sofia, Kate Brooks, a young lawyer who has to prove herself constantly to her male colleagues and her creepy boss, defends Alexandra. One of them is telling the truth, the other is lying, but which one?

Fifty-Fifty is fast-paced, twisty, and highly suspenseful. The story is told from three different point of views. Eddie Flynn, sure of Sofia’s innocence, needs to figure out the truth about the two sisters. Kate Brooks, on the other hand, is sure that Alexandra is the sister telling the truth and needs to prove it. And then there is “She”. “She” is the killer. We don’t know which of the sisters she is, the author never gives it away, but we follow her as, in cold blood, she gets rid of any proof that could lead to her.

Easily read as a stand-alone – although I highly recommend the first four books in the series – Fifty-Fifty is another powerful, gripping, and compelling page-turner by the master of twists-that-you-won’t-see-coming Steve Cavanagh. I am a huge fan of all his novels, but the Eddie Flynn series is my favourite and Fifty-Fifty is his best so far.

A huge thank you to Orion and NetGallley for providing me with a copy of the novel.

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