#BookReview: THE SECOND WIFE by Rebecca Fleet @RebeccaLFleet @TransworldBooks

The Second WifePublication: 5th March 2020 – Transworld

Everyone brings baggage to a new relationship.

When Alex met Natalie she changed his life. After the tragic death of his first wife, which left him a single parent to teenage daughter Jade, he’s determined to build a happy family.

But his new-found happiness is shattered when the family home is gutted by fire and his loyalties are unexpectedly tested. Jade insists she saw a man in the house on the night of the fire; Natalie denies any knowledge of such an intruder.

Alex is faced with an impossible choice: to believe his wife or his daughter? And as Natalie’s story unravels, Alex realises that his wife has a past he had no idea about, a past that might yet catch up with her.

But this time, the past could be deadly…


WOW!!!  What a wonderful and gripping read. I loved Rebecca Fleet’s first novel, The House Swap, but I ADORED The Second Wife. I spent an afternoon with my nose stuck on my kindle and I didn’t get up from my couch until I reached the last page. I loved the claustrophobic atmosphere, the high tension, and beautifully-written plot. Also, I enjoyed the twists that just pop up when you less expect it, which is not an easy thing when you read many thriller.

Not only the plot is intriguing and completely captivating, but also the characters are brilliantly-drawn: there is Alex, trying to figure out the truth about the fire that almost destroyed his family; his second wife, Natalie, with a past that she doesn’t want to surface; and then Jade, Alex’s thirteen-year-old daughter from his first marriage, who claims that there was a man in the house the night of the fire.

The story is told from different perspectives and, as each character tell their story, you don’t know who to trust (I DO love unreliable characters!). Is the fire an accident or arson? Did Jade really see a man in the house the night of the fire? What is Natalie hiding? Why doesn’t Alex know much about Natalie’s past? So many questions that the author unravels in a slow-burning progression that keeps the reader engrossed.

The Second Wife is a suspenseful, engaging, and thrilling novel, perfect for all fans of psychological thrillers.

A huge thank you to Transworld and NetGalley for providing me with a proof copy of this fantastic novel.


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