#BlogTour: THIRTY by Christina Bradley @CBradleyWrites @HeadlineFiction @lararosetamara

Thirty 2Publication: 22nd August 2019 – Headline

Bella Edwards is a hot mess.

Days away from turning thirty, single, struggling to reconcile where she is with where she imagined she’d be by this point in her life, Bella has come to believe her entire future happiness is based on meeting ‘The One’.

After an unfortunate encounter with a fortune teller, where it seems Bella’s single fate is sealed, she hops on a plane from London to New York to seek the wisdom of her best friend who, in turn, presents Bella with a challenge: thirty dates in thirty days before Bella turns thirty.

Challenge accepted, Bella embarks on a crazy road trip across America to San Francisco, with one clear objective: to find ‘The One’ and prove the fortune teller wrong. What ensues is a raucous adventure of dating, love, and – most importantly – self-discovery.

Fresh, funny and witty, Thirty shines an honest, often awkward, often hilarious, but ultimately wonderfully fresh light on what it truly means to be single, when everyone else seemingly has it all.


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Thirty, the entertaining and refreshing new novel by Christina Bradley. A huge thank you to Alara and Headline for providing me with a copy of this fantastic novel.

When you are young you think that by the time you will be thirty your life will be as you planned. You will have a family, a house, and a good job, but often that’s not the case as Bella Edwards knows. A month before her thirtieth birthday, Bella is tired of seeing all her friends getting married and having children while she is still looking for The One. So, after she has a breakdown and quits her job, Bella goes to visit her friend Esther to New York and sets herself a challenge. She has thirty days and thirty dates to find herself The One. Thirty hilarious, awkward, and weird dates that made laugh out loud, from an offer of a foursome to an old boyfriend, from a Canadian who only speak French to the guy who never shows up, Bella embarks on a journey of discovery not only of a boyfriend, but of herself.

Turning thirty is a milestone… It means being responsible and adult, most people have families and a job that takes up most of their lives. I could relate to Bella. We think that by the time we turn 30 years old we have it all figure it out and we see our friends getting married, having children, and asking for a mortgage to buy a house, while we are still floating. Bella thinks she needs to find herself a man, The One, to complete her life and while she goes on a road trip around America in his search, she goes also on a journey of self-discovery: does she really need a man to be happy?

Funny, romantic, and engaging, Thirty is a timely and compelling story with an hilarious, witty, and authentic heroine that will make you laugh out loud page after page. Recommended!!!

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