#BookReview: TUESDAY MOONEY WORE BLACK by Kate Racculia @kateracculia @HarperFiction @fictionpubteam

Tuesday Mooney Wore BlackPublication: 1st October 2019 (eBook); 6th February 2020 (paperback) – HarperCollins

You are cordially invited to play a game…

Tuesday Mooney loves a puzzle. So when an eccentric billionaire drops dead, leaving behind a fiendish treasure hunt – open to anyone – to his fortune, Tuesday can’t resist.

Although she works best alone, she soon finds herself partnering up with best friend Dex (money manager by day, karaoke-zealot by night) and the mysterious Nathaniel Arches, eldest son of a wealthy family who held a long-running feud with the dead man.

As the clues are solved, excitement across the city reaches fever pitch – but nothing is as it seems, and the puzzle-within-a-puzzle holds something much darker than a vast fortune at its heart…


Vincent Pryce is an eccentric billionaire with a passion for Edgar Allan Poe and games. He dies in front of a room full of people during a charity event to which take part Tuesday Mooney, Dex, and Archie. The day after Vincent’s death an announcement appears on the newspaper announcing that the billionaire has organized a treasure hunt around the city. The price? A part of his inheritance. As the game progresses around the city, the protagonists have to figure out the many clues left by the deceased and how far will they go to win the game.

Tuesday Mooney is a very singular and interesting character. She is a loner, she always wears black, she talks to her childhood best friend in her head, and she is really good at her job researching the rich and wealthy for donations at the hospital where she works. Despite being a loner, people are drawn to her. The first one is Dex, her current best friend who works in finance and loves karaoke and who would do anything to get attention from her. Then there is Dorry, the teenager living next door to her and who she tutors. Dorry is fascinated by Tuesday and is happy to help her in her treasure hunt, even if it means going against her father’s wishes. And finally there is Archie. Son of a missing billionaire and hiding from his older brother, Archie has his own reasons to join the game.

I didn’t know what to expect from this novel. I read it because I was intrigued by the main character and the story sounded entertaining, but it was more fun and suspenseful than expected. The characters are quirky and adorable, the plot is well-developed and very well-written and there are a few twists that took me by surprise. If you enjoy puzzle, mysteries, and some fun, then Tuesday Mooney Wore Black should be on your TBR list!

A big thank you to HarperFiction and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of this novel!

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