#BlogTour: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE by Alice Feeney @alicewriterland @hqstories @LilyCapewell

I Know Who You ArePublication: 16th May 2019 – HQ

The highly anticipated new novel from the international bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie, Alice Feeney’s new novel is her most twisted and nerve-wracking thriller yet.

Aimee Sinclair: the actress everyone thinks they know but can’t remember where from. But I know exactly who you are. I know what you’ve done. And I am watching you.

When Aimee comes home and discovers her husband is missing, she doesn’t seem to know what to do or how to act. The police think she’s hiding something and they’re right, she is – but perhaps not what they thought. Aimee has a secret she’s never shared, and yet, she suspects that someone knows. As she struggles to keep her career and sanity intact, her past comes back to haunt her in ways more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

I Know Who You Are will leave your heart pounding and your pulse racing. This is the most twisted thriller you’ll read all year.


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I am super delighted to share my review of the twisty and engrossing new novel by Alice Feeney and I’d like to thank Lily and HQ for inviting me take part and providing me with a copy of the novel.

I am new to Alice Feeney’s novels. For some unexplained reason, I didn’t read her debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, but it’s definitely high on my TBR list, because I loved I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, a sure success that kept me completely hooked and I read in two days. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE is dark, addictive, and twisty and it addresses some disturbing themes that are not for the light-hearted.

20190514_085514 (1)The protagonist of this twisty novel is Aimee Sinclair, an actress in her thirties, a rising star who has found fame and recognition only in the last couple of years. Aimee doesn’t like the limelight and leads a quiet normal life, but when her husband goes missing, her secrets and her pasts risk to come to light.

The characters are not very likable, but they keep the reader glued to the page. Why they do what they do? What are they hiding? They keep you guessing and on your toes until the very end, especially Aimee. The author created a well-crafted and complex protagonist. Aimee is an excellent actress. She doesn’t just act for her work, but also in real life. She is such an unreliable character that she herself doubts her own words. Sometimes, her dark side surfaces and, together with secrets that are slowly revealed, I often questioned her innocence.

There are two different timelines that alternate and keep the tension always high. On one side, there is an adult Aimee, full of secrets and in search of the truth, and, on the other side, there is a six-year-old girl, Ciara, who narrates a childhood that it’s emotional, intense, and far from innocent. There are so many twists and, as I turned each page, I never knew what expect. If this is not enough to make you interested in this gripping story, there is a jaw-dropping and chilling ending that will take you completely by surprise.

Alice Feeney is an amazing writer who knows how to keep the reader glued to the pages and, while I wait for her next novel, I am going back to the origins with Sometimes I Lie.


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