#BlogTour: THE UNINVITED by J. A. Baker @thewriterjude @Bloodhoundbook @damppebbles

J.A. Baker - The Uninvited_coverPublication: 3rd December 2018 – Bloodhound Books

A fragile woman. An unwelcome intruder. A house full of secrets.

Faye and her husband Hugh have had a traumatic year. Wanting to start again, the couple decide to buy a large rundown property, Cross House in a village in North Yorkshire, hoping to leave the past behind them.

However, the tranquillity is soon ruined when Faye begins to awake, every night, to the sound of somebody creeping around the bedroom. She tries to explain it to Hugh, frightened for the safety of their children Aiden and Poppy, but Hugh dismisses her claims, thinking she is heading for another breakdown.

But when Faye discovers some diaries that contain secrets about the family that lived in the house before them, she starts to wonder if the intruder might be closer to home than she first thought.

Obsessed with finding answers, Faye is determined to learn about the Wentworth family, a fractured family with a tragic past.

And when she discovers that Hilary Wentworth fell to her death down the stairs in Cross House, Faye realises she is in mortal danger…


After a very stressful year, Faye and her husband Hugh move to a new house with their two young children. Hoping to leave their past behind, Faye and Hugh are looking forward to starting a new life in Cross House, a big house in North Yorkshire in need of renovations. However, Faye’s hopes wane when her sleeps are interrupted by the presence of someone intruding in her bedroom in the middle of the night. She can see him, but she can feel his presence and her nights are spent awake trying to protect her children from whoever this intruder is. Her life gets even more complicated when she finds the journals of the previous owner. A former journalist, Faye’s curiosity is piqued by what she finds in them and she decides to do some investigation on the family who used to live in her new home.

THE UNINVITED is a bit of a mystery novel, a bit of family drama, a bit of a ghost story. There is a possible haunted house, a presence that nobody can see, and a past full of secrets and lies. As I read the story, there was always this creepy feeling that something bad was about to happen and that gives the novel a suspenseful and chilling feeling. The author created a perfect protagonist for this story. A breakdown and a year full of worry and strain make Faye an unreliable narrator. Everything makes her nervous, her husband doesn’t seem to believe there is someone lurking in the house, so I didn’t know whether to believe her or not, which makes the novel full of twists and surprises. Especially, I loved the ending which was completely unexpected and perfect to complete the novel.

THE UNINVITED is a thrilling and immersive novel and I’d like to thank Emma Welton and Bloodhound Books for inviting me to take part in the blog tour of this gripping novel.

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JA BakerJ.A.BAKER was born and brought up in North East England and has had a love of language for as long as she can remember.

She has a love of local history and genealogy and enjoys reading many genres of books but is an addict of psychological thrillers.

In December 2016 she was signed by Bloodhound Books who published Undercurrent.
Her second novel, Her Dark Retreat was published in October 2017 and The Other Mother was published in December 2017. Her fourth novel, Finding Eva was published in August 2018

J.A. Baker has four grown up children and one grandchild. She lives in a village near the river with her husband and madcap dog and when not working part time in a primary school, she spends her days trying to think up new and inventive ways of murdering people.

She can be reached on any of the links below and loves hearing from readers.




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