#BookReview: THE CHRISTMAS SISTERS by Sarah Morgan @SarahMorgan_ @HQstories @izsmith95

The Christmas Sisters

Publication: 1st November 2018 – HQ

The McBride sisters all have different reasons for finding Christmas challenging, but their adoptive mother is determined this year will be different. As the countdown to Christmas Day begins and the sisters return to their childhood home in the Scottish Highlands, arguments, connections and secrets start bubbling to the surface. The McBride family was made, not born – but will the sisters be able to make this the magical family Christmas their mother has always dreamed of?


Nothing gives me a Christmas feeling like a novel by Sarah Morgan. It doesn’t matter if I am reading it in September during a heat wave, which I did. I got right into a Christmas mood, especially when the author gives  detailed descriptions of the Scottish setting with its mountains covered in snow, an idyllic small town, decorated Christmas trees, presents, and mugs of hot chocolate everywhere.

The protagonists of this festive and captivating novel are four women, the McBride women. Three sisters who couldn’t be more different. Beth is a stay-at-home mom, loving and overprotective of her two daughters, but she wants to go back to work. Hannah is a successful business woman, but she never has time for her family and she doesn’t do relationships. Posy is the only one of the three sisters who stayed at home and she is supposed to take over the family business, but she dreams of travelling around the world, climbing up mountains. And then there is their mother, Suzanne. She loves her family. She just wants her daughters to be happy and she is excited at the idea of having all three of them over for Christmas. Spending time together during the Christmas holidays will give these women the chance to confront the past and face their secrets, their fears, and their guilt.

Every time I read a new novel by Sarah Morgan, I find myself completely absorbed in the plot and the characters. She is really good at writing not only about the relationship between a man and a woman, but also the relationship between sisters and between mother and daughter. Her effortless and clear writing flows page after pages and her relatable and engaging characters keep you glued to the pages.

THE CHRISTMAS SISTERS is the perfect read to get you in a festive mood. If you need more persuasion, the cover of the book is beautiful and shiny and the story features adorable ponies and rescue dogs. I’d like to thank HQ and  Izzy for providing me with an early copy of this charming and refreshing novel.


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