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The Other SisterPublication: 24th August 2018 (eBook), 18th October 2018 (paperback) – Orion

How far would you go…

Gina Mills is desperate to be a newsreader, but her boss – the director of the struggling Channel Eight, won’t help.

Walking home one night, Gina stumbles upon a dead body, and after calling the police, she makes the split-second decision to report the murder live.

When questioned by the police, Gina can’t remember specific details about her discovery, but these memory gaps are explained away as shock.

…to uncover your family’s deadly secret?

But when Gina finds a second body, it’s clear she’s being targeted. But why?

And how is this connected to the death of Gina’s younger sister so many years ago?


Elle Croft really knows how to keep the readers on their toes. After her debut novel, The Guilty Wife, which I truly enjoyed, she is back with a new dark and twisty novel that kept me completely engrossed.

Family secrets are at the center of the novel. Ryan and Gina Mills are brother and sister. When they were young, their youngest sister, Cassie, died. Her death led to a fracture in the family, but now they are both adults, they recently reconnected, and they are both living in the family home. Ryan is single, he has a good job, and he leads an ordinary and regular life. On the other hand, Gina is completely in love with her boyfriend Julian and she works as a PA for a TV producer but dreams of becoming a journalist. She has her chance when, after a night out with a friend, she finds the body of a woman. Following this horrific discovery, Gina makes a series of decisions that lead her not only at the center of the investigation, but also of the media. Ryan, in the meantime, is dealing with his guilt over a past that he can’t forget.

The author is really good at creating complex and unreliable characters that make you question everything that is happening in the story: the novel is told from the point of views of the various protagonists (in addition to Gina and Ryan, their mother Sharon with flashbacks from 1996, and Adam Adebayo, the detective in charge of the murder investigation), but you can’t completely trust what they are saying or what they do. The author gives you only a glimpse of what is really going on and when the truth is finally revealed you are left with your mouth hanging open in surprise because you really didn’t see it coming. At least, that’s what happened to me.

The story is brilliantly plotted, full of suspense and surprises, and with a final shocking twist at the last page. THE OTHER SISTER will keep on the edge of your seat, page after page, and I’d like to thank Alainna Hadjigeorgiou and Orion for providing me with a copy of the book and inviting me to take part in the blog tour.


Elle Croft was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia and moved to the UK in 2010 after travelling around the world with her husband. She works as a freelance social media specialist and also blogs about travel, food and life in London.

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