Book Review: CROSS HER HEART by Sarah Pinborough

Cross Her HeartI read this book in two seats. It starts slow, but I found myself quickly immersed in this novel full of surprises and revelations.

CROSS HER HEART is about three women, three strong, determined, and brave women, all of them hiding secrets. Lisa is forty years old, she has a sixteen-year-old daughter, Ava, a good job, and a great best friend, Marylin. But Lisa is also afraid, afraid of a past that still terrifies her and that it’s now catching up with her.

Ava is a normal teenager, drinking, occasionally smoking, and worrying about boyfriends and school exams. She has a secret that she is keeping not only from her mother, but also from her best friends. But her mysterious Facebook admirer is not the only secret Ava is keeping.

Marylin has been Lisa’s best friend for ten years, since they started working for the same company. They spend a lot of time together, in and outside of work, but Marylin has never told Lisa that her life is not at all what it seems.

What I love about this author is that she completely and repeatedly takes you by surprise. I thought I knew exactly what was going on, who not to trust, and it turns out I was completely wrong. Every few pages there were new revelations, some I had already figured them out, but most were unexpected, and there were so many twists that kept me on the edge of my seat.

The characters are very well-crafted and developed. The relationship between mother and daughter is well explored. Lisa, because of her past, is an apprehensive and overbearing mother, always checking on Ava. Ava, like every sixteen-year-old, is annoyed by her mother’s attention but also feels guilty when she snaps at her. I also enjoyed reading about Lisa and Marylin’s relationship, how strong their friendship is, and how much they trust each other, secrets aside.

Secrets, obsession, and betrayal are at the center of this haunting and compulsive book (which is out next week) and I’d like to thank HarperFiction for providing me with an early copy.



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