#BlogTour: THE HEIGHTS by Louise Candlish @louise_candlish @simonschusterUK @TeamBATC @jessbarratt88 #TheHeights

Publication: 5th August 2021 – Simon & Schuster UK

The Heights is a tall, slender apartment building amongst the warehouses of Shad Thames, its roof terrace so discreet you wouldn’t know it existed at all, if you weren’t standing at the window of the flat opposite. But you are. And that’s when you see a man up there – a man you’d recognise anywhere.

He’s older now and his appearance has subtly changed, but it’s definitely him. Which makes no sense at all, since he’s been dead for over two years. You know this for a fact.

Because you’re the one who killed him.



Here is the brilliant trailer for The Heightshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POgEEzRROV4

I am delighted to welcome you on my stop for the blog tour of The Heights, the thrilling new novel by Louise Candlish.

I have been reading Louise Candlish’s novels for a few years now, since I first read Our House, and every time she manages to make it impossible to put the book down and to make me gasp in surprise with her twisty and shocking endings. The Heights is her latest gripping novel and, once again, I found myself completely engrossed in the story, the characters, and the twists.

The protagonist of The Heights is Ellen Saint, a mother, a wife, and a woman with a big secret. A few years ago, Kieran Watts entered her life leading to a series of events and choices that changed her life and that of her family. She thought she had got rid of Kieran once and for all, but then she sees him again, on top of The Heights, the new apartment building on Shad Thames, and the nightmare begins again.

One of the things that I love about Louise Candlish’s novels is that she creates characters that are multi-layered and well-developed, but also unlikable and unreliable, although, at times, I also feel a bit of pity and sympathy for them. Ellen Saint is one of these characters. When she first meets Kieran, she instantly dislikes him and she doesn’t trust him. However, we only see Kieran through Ellen’s eyes, through her narrative of the events, so I couldn’t help wondering: is Kieran really dangerous and reckless as Ellen claims or is she simply an overprotective and over-worried mother?

The Heights is a gripping and intense story of revenge and obsession, a story of family drama, grief, and secrets. The suspense and the tension will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last page and the twists will keep you guessing until the very last line. Highly recommended!

A huge thank you to Jess and Simon & Schuster for inviting me to join the blog tour and providing me with a copy of this incredible book.

Louise Candlish is the Sunday Times bestselling author of fifteen novels. Her 2018 thriller OUR HOUSE, which has sold over 250,000 copies in the UK to date, was a #1 bestseller in paperback, ebook and audiobook and winner of the Crime & Thriller Book of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. It is soon to be a major ITV drama series made by Death in Paradise producers Red Planet Pictures. THOSE PEOPLE (2019) was a #2 Sunday Times bestseller in paperback and is in development for TV by Company Pictures. THE OTHER PASSENGER (2020) is a Sunday Times bestseller in paperback and under option for a feature film with Moving Image Productions. Louise lives in South London with her husband and daughter.

#BookReview: LOCH DOWN ABBEY by Beth Cowan-Erskine @HodderBooks

Publication: 10th June 2021 – Hodder & Stoughton

It’s the 1930s and a mysterious illness is spreading over Scotland. But the noble and ancient family of Inverkillen, residents of Loch Down Abbey, are much more concerned with dwindling toilet roll supplies and who will look after the children now that Nanny has regretfully (and most inconveniently) departed this life.

Then Lord Inverkillen, Earl and head of the family, is found dead in mysterious circumstances. The inspector declares it an accident but Mrs MacBain, the head housekeeper, isn’t so convinced. As no one is allowed in or out because of the illness, the residents of the house – both upstairs and downstairs – are the only suspects. With the Earl’s own family too busy doing what can only be described as nothing, she decides to do some digging – in between chores, of course – and in doing so uncovers a whole host of long-hidden secrets, lies and betrayals that will alter the dynamics of the household for ever.

Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey, Agatha Christie and Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club, LOCH DOWN ABBEY is a playful, humorous mystery that will keep you glued to the page!



Loch Down Abbey was such a fun read. It is set in Scotland in the 1930s where a pandemic is making more and more people sick, many are dying, shops are closing, and people are staying inside. Everyone is scared, except the noble Inverkillen family, safe in the ancient home of Loch Down Abbey with its 125 rooms – not counting the servant rooms – of which only six are used. The entire Inverkillen family is in the Abbey, starting from the matriarch Lady Georgina to her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren. Entitled and self-absorbed, when Nanny suddenly dies their only worry is: who is going to look after the children? The death of Hamish, the head of the family, only affects them regarding what he left them in their will, while Mrs. MacBain, the head housekeeper, wonders if his death was really an accident or if he was killed.

And as shortages force them to cut down from six to three cakes and to share toilet paper, they barely notice that their servants are also getting sick until they are asked to dress themselves and make their own beds.

After a slow start during which it took me a while to figure out who was who (despite the characters list at the beginning of the novel 😅), I found myself completely absorbed in this novel. Mysteries, secrets, and drama make for an entertaining and thrilling read and Loch Down Abbey is a fantastic setting with its many many rooms, its locked offices, and the secret tunnels in which the children keep disappearing.

The characters are very well-crafted and intriguing. Lady Georgina is a force to be reckoned with while Mrs. MacBain somehow manages to keep everyone in line, servants and family members alike.

If you are looking for a fun, gripping read full of wit, humor, and strong characters, then I highly recommend you give Loch Down Abbey a read… you won’t regret it!

A huge thank you to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the novel.

Beth Cowan Erskine is an American expat who married into a mad Scottish family with their own tartan and family tree older than her home country. Using them as inspiration, she wrote her first novel during the coronavirus lockdown, hoping it would be enough to get her dis-invited from the annual family walking holiday. Sadly, it backfired and led to long discussions of who will play whom in the film. When not writing features for The American Magazine, she owns an interior architecture and design studio in the Cotswolds.

#BookReview: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS by Alice Feeney @alicewriterland @HQstories

Publication: 19th August 2021 – HQ

Ten years of marriage.
Ten years of secrets.
An anniversary they’ll never forget.

Adam and Amelia are spending the weekend in the Scottish Highlands. The remote location is perfect for what they have planned.

But when their romantic trip takes a dark turn, they both start to wonder – can they trust the one they’re with?

Because every couple tells little white lies. Only for Adam and Amelia, the truth is far more dangerous.



The Scottish Highlands have been the settings of quite a few of the books I read in the last few months (it seems is the perfect setting for a good and gripping thriller) and now it has become one of these places that I have to visit at least once because it sounds – and it looks from the pictures online – incredible. The Scottish Highlands are also the setting of Alice Feeney’s gripping new thriller, Rock Paper Scissors.

The protagonists are Amelia and Adam Wright. Their marriage is far from happy and blissful and a weekend together in a remote location in Scotland is their chance to figure out whether they should keep fighting for their marriage or end it once and for all. This is a psychological thriller so, of course, there is a snow-storm that cuts them off from any communication with the outside world, someone is lurking outside their hideaway, and the secrets and lies they are keeping make it impossible to trust each other.

I have to admit that I didn’t like any of the protagonists. I found them selfish, self-centered, and obsessive, but they are also multi-layered and well-developed and I was completely addicted to their narrative. The story is told from each protagonist’s perspective and I found myself siding at times with Amelia, at times with Adam, and at times wondering how are they are still together.

The author does an amazing job in revealing the truth, the secrets they are keeping, a little bit at the time, and I was hooked to the page until the last shocking revelation that I really didn’t see coming. I have read all Alice Feeney’s novels and I can honestly say that Rock Paper Scissors is my favourite so far. Thrilling, twisty, and suspenseful, I read it in two sittings. Highly recommended!!!

A huge thank you to HQ and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of this fantastic novel.

Alice Feeney is a writer and journalist. She spent fifteen years at the BBC where she worked as a reporter, news editor, arts and entertainment producer and One O’clock news producer.

Alice has lived in London and Sydney and has now settled in the Surrey countryside, where she lives with her husband and dog.

Her debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, was a New York Times and international bestseller. The book has been sold in over twenty countries and is being made into a TV series by a major film studio, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her third novel His and Hers is soon to be a major TV show with Jessica Chastain as executive producer.

#BookReview: IS THIS IT? by Hannah Tovey @hannahctovey @PiatkusBooks

Publication: 22nd July 2021 – Piatkus

-Employed (you have frequent nightmares about your job)
Single and fabulous (swiping Tinder in your pyjamas while your best friend shops for engagement rings)
Thriving (surviving)

Ivy and Mia have been best friends since the fun, messy, hungover years of their twenties.

Ten years later, Mia has it all – the man, the house, the career. Ivy is skint, single, and scared that she isn’t a ‘hot mess’ any more – she’s a walking disaster.

But one night, Ivy switches her phone off, peels last night’s drunken pizza off the sofa, and makes a list. A list that changes everything . . .

The new Ivy has a proper job. She goes on fancy dates in wine bars. She’s starting to think: maybe ‘faking it till you make it’ is easy?

But then she meets Scott.

Curly-haired, sarcastic Scott.




I loved Is This It? because it is funny, well-written, and compelling, but also because the protagonist is relatable and feels authentic and I adored her.

Ivy Edwards is in her thirties. She lives in London, she doesn’t have a job, she is single, but, one night, she decides it is time to change that. First thing first, it is time to follow her dream and become a teacher, so she starts her training in a school where she quickly realizes that it is not always easy to control and teach a group of screaming children, but it is often rewarding and she won’t give up easily.

On the personal side, after a few disastrous online dates, Ivy meets Scott, handsome clean-obsessed Scott. Could he be the one? Will she finally have her happy every after?

After finishing reading Is This It? I was surprised to find out that it is a sequel – to The Education of Ivy Edwards – because it so well-written and with enough background information about the protagonist that I thought this was a stand-alone. I am happy it is not a stand-alone because I really need to read The Education of Ivy Edwards (and also because I hope there will be a third book!).

Ivy is really an incredible character. Once she decides she wants to become a teacher, she works hard to achieve it, even though most of the time she was scared of the challenge and she didn’t feel up to it, she never backs down. Throughout the novel we see this character develop well and mature, both on her personal and work life. I loved her closed relationship with her sister Hannah and with her parents (I especially loved her conversations with her mother who had no filters when it came to speaking).

Is This It? is a hilarious, romantic, and captivating novel and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

A huge thank you to Piatkus and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of the novel.

Hannah Tovey is from South Wales and grew up in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Faber Academy in 2018, where she finished her debut novel, The Education of Ivy Edwards. Hannah lives in East London where she misses Llanelli beach, her mother and cockles. Is This It? is her second novel.

#BlogTour: THE HUNT AND THE KILL by Holly Watt @holly_watt @BloomsburyRaven @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Publication: 8th July 2021 – Bloomsbury

When acclaimed undercover journalist Casey Benedict is asked to interview a young woman with cystic fibrosis, the patient’s doctor alerts her to the looming threat of antibiotic-resistant infections, tipping her off about a potential new wonder drug. If the rumours are true, this new antibiotic could save millions of lives, but no one wants to admit that the drug even exists.

As Casey investigates, she follows the trail from the Maldives to a game reserve in Zimbabwe, using her undercover skills to probe the truth and find out why the discovery of this new drug is being covered-up. When tragedy unexpectedly strikes, Casey suspects that someone is trying to silence her, but she is not prepared to let the story drop, no matter how much danger she – or those she loves most – are put in.

A searing, page-turning, pulse-racing thriller that sees Casey on a hunt around the globe as she pursues a major exposé into pioneering medical research and drugs that could change the world.

The Hunt and the Kill is the third book by Holly Watt featuring Casey Benedict.




I am delighted to welcome you on my stop for the blog tour of The Hunt and The Kill, the thrilling new novel by Holly Watt.

The Hunt and The Kill is third novel by Holly Watt featuring Casey Benedict as a protagonist. I haven’t read the previous two books – The Lions and The Dead Line -, although I definitely plan to, but I had no problem reading the third book as a stand-alone. Casey Benedict is an incredible protagonist. Fierce, brilliant, determined, she is an investigative journalist for London newspaper The Post. She’s traveled around the world, going undercover and finding herself in dangerous situations to uncover the truth, but, in this third book, she’s been moved to cover the health section of the newspaper and she is not happy about it. Her new article is an interview with 19-year-old Fiona, a patient at Royal Brompton Hospital. Fiona has cystic fibrosis, but antibiotics are no longer working on her. Following Casey’s interview with her and with her doctor, she starts to investigate antibiotic resistance and a new drug that could save not only Fiona’s life, but millions of lives. However, soon the investigation turns very personal for Casey and, travelling from Miami to Mauritius, from Zimbabwe to Cape Town, she finds herself in danger.

I really enjoyed The Hunt and The Kill. The story is suspenseful, intense, and compelling. As the protagonist, the author is an investigative journalist and she gives the reader an insightful and detailed look into the works of a newsroom and investigative journalism as well informative and interesting understanding of antibiotic resistance. A gripping story from start to end, The Hunt and The Kill is novel not to miss!

A huge thank you to Tracy and Bloomsbury for inviting me to join the blog tour and providing me with a proof of the novel.


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An award-winning investigative journalist, Holly Watt was part of the team who broke the MPs expenses scandal and has also worked on the Panama Papers. She has written for the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. Her debut novel To The Lions, the first in the Casey Benedict series, won the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize and the Capital Crime Amazon Publishing Readers’ Awards., and was a 2019 Thriller of the Year in the Sunday Times, Times and Guardian. @holly_watt

#BookReview: DOG ROSE DIRT by Jen Williams @sennydreadful @HarperFiction

Publication: 22nd July 2021 – HarperCollins

What if your mother had been writing to a serial killer?

A convicted murderer with a story to tell
Serial killer Michael Reave – known as The Red Wolf – has been locked in Belmarsh Prison for over 20 years for the brutal and ritualistic murders of countless women.
A grieving daughter with a secret to unearth
Ex-journalist Heather Evans returns to her childhood home after her mother’s inexplicable suicide and discovers something chilling – hundreds of letters between her mother and Reave, dating back decades.
A hunt for a killer ready to strike again

When the body of a woman is found decorated with flowers, just like his victims, Reave is the only person alive who could help. After years of silence, he will speak to Heather, and only Heather.

If she wants to unearth the truth and stop further bloodshed, she’ll have to confront a monster.




I read many, many crime/thriller novels (maybe too many) and I mostly enjoy them all, but there are a few that completely capture my attention and that I keep thinking about it, even after I finish reading them, and Dog Rose Dirt is one of them. I read it in one day, absorbed in the story of a dangerous serial killer and the young woman trying to figure the truth about her mother.

Heather is a journalist whose relationship with her mother can be described as difficult and sporadic so she is taken completely by surprise by her mother’s suicide and the confusing note she’s left behind. And she’s even more shocked when she finds out that her mother has been corresponding for years with the notorious serial killer, Red Wolf, who’s been in prison since the 1990s for the gruesome murders of many women. Now, there is a new killer on the loose, committing the same exact murders as the Red Wolf and, as more women keep disappearing, Heather could help the police stop him, since the Red Wolf will talk only to her and shed some truth about her mother’s past.

The story is very well-written and the plot is intriguing and twisty, but what I liked most about the story is the protagonist, Heather, because while the murders and the search for the serial killer is central to the story and narrated in such a suspenseful and chilling way that made me check that the doors were locked at night, Heather’s relationship with her mother is as much as important and interesting. Heather is a flawed, troubled, and complex protagonist. She is one of these heroines who won’t stop until she finds out the truth and that make you scream at the pages while you’re reading – “WHY are you entering an abandoned and dark house in the middle of the night all by yourself?”. After her mother’s death she starts digging into her life, slowly discovering a past, secrets, and lies that make her realize that she didn’t know her at all, while we also get glimpses of their complicated relationship.

Would I recommend Dog Rose Dirt? YES, of course!!! It is dark, chilling, intense and I couldn’t put it down until the very last page.

A huge thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of the novel.


Jen Williams lives in London with her partner and their small ridiculous cat. Having been a fan of grisly fairy tales from a young age, these days Jen writes dark unsettling thrillers with strong female leads, as well as character-driven fantasy novels with plenty of adventure and magic. She has twice won the British Fantasy Award for her Winnowing Flame trilogy, and when she’s not writing books she works as a bookseller and a freelance copywriter.

#BookReview: ONE ORDINARY DAY AT A TIME by Sarah J. Harris @sarahsky23 @HarperFiction

Publication: 10th June 2021 – HarperCollins

Simon Sparks is the man you know from behind the counter at the local Prince Burger (‘hold the gherkin!’), fry shovelling, shelf stacking, hiding away from the world. And Jodie Brook is the single mum you see crossing the street with her son Zak – always chasing a dream she can’t reach.

What if life could be so much more? When Simon and Jodie’s worlds collide, it upends everything they know. But in chaos comes opportunity. And for every person who’s ever doubted them, they find someone who’ll finally believe…

From the award-winning author, Sarah J. Harris, comes a warm, uplifting story about ordinary people, extraordinary tomorrows, and all the ways that life can surprise us…




One Ordinary Day At A Time is the beautiful and memorable new novel by Sarah J. Harris. I really enjoyed it and I read it in two days. At times, it is fun, at times emotional and heart-breaking, and there is also a bit of suspense that kept me on edge. What I loved most about this incredible story is the two – and a half – protagonists: Simon, Jodie, and her seven-year-old son Zak.

I loved the friendship between Simon and Jodie. They couldn’t be more different and yet, very similar. Simon is genius. At work, his colleagues call him “Prof”, his IQ is higher than Einstein and Stephen Hawkins, he went to Cambridge when he was 15 years old, his social skills often offend people, and he loves math, pub quizzes, and his goal in life is to solve the Riemann Hypothesis, but his day-job it to make fries at Prince Burger. Here he meets Jodie. A single young mother with a seven-year-old son, Jodie needs the job at Prince Burger to support her and her son Zak, but she dreams to get into Cambridge to study English Literature and assure her son a better life. Jodie asks Simon to tutor her for the entrance exam at Cambridge, while she will help him with his social skill and slowly but steady they form a beautiful friendship, but they keep from each other secrets and a troubled and difficult childhood. Simon’s childhood was spent with his nose into a book under the close and hard scrutiny of his father and the only person who showed him love was his mother. Jodie was raised in the foster system, going from home to home, neglected by everyone except Lizzie, the librarian who introduced her to literature and Charles Dickens.

One Ordinary Day At A Time is an incredible story and I am still thinking about it days later after finishing reading it. The characters are authentic and relatable. I felt for them, for their dreams, their hopes, their regrets, their guilt, and I rooted for them to have their happy ending. The story is brilliantly-written and it captured me from the very beginning. I couldn’t recommend it more!

A huge thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of the novel.

#BookReview: FALSE WITNESS by Karin Slaughter @HarperFiction

Publication: 24th June 2021 – HarperCollins

You thought no one saw you. You were wrong.

Leigh and her sister Callie are not bad people – but one night, more than two decades ago, they did something terrible. And the result was a childhood tarnished by secrets, broken by betrayal, devastated by violence.

Years later, Leigh has pushed that night from her mind and become a successful lawyer – but when she is forced to take on a new client against her will, her world begins to spiral out of control.

Because the client knows the truth about what happened twenty-three years ago. He knows what Leigh and Callie did. And unless they stop him, he’s going to tear their lives apart …

Just because you didn’t see the witness … doesn’t mean he wasn’t there.




False Witness is the new novel by one of my favorite authors, Karin Slaughter, set in an Atlanta right in the middle of the COVID pandemic. It is the story of two sisters with a secret that they have been keeping for twenty-five years. Neglected by their mother, Leigh and Callie have always counted on themselves and on each other. Twenty-five years ago, barely teenagers, they did something terrible that they have kept hidden until now when Leigh, a defence lawyer, is faced with a choice: defend a guilty man or risk that their secret comes to light and destroy their lives.

Even though the suspense of the story kept me on the edge of my seat, what I loved most about this story is the relationship – not always a healthy or functional – between the two sisters. Leigh and Callie have been protecting each other their whole lives. Forced to go to work when they were only eleven years old, their lives have never been easy. They took different paths – often self-destructives – but they were always there for each other when they needed it most.

I love Karin Slaughter. Her writing is addictive, her characters are flawed, very complex, and multi-layered, and her stories are gripping and intense. False Witness is not an easy or light read. It is dark, gritty, suspenseful, hard to read from the very beginning for its themes of abuse, addiction, and neglect, but it’s a story I couldn’t put it down until I reached that thrilling and incredible ending.

A huge thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of the novel.


Karin Slaughter is one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed storytellers. Published in 120 countries with more than 35 million copies sold across the globe, her 21 novels include the Grant County and Will Trent books, as well as the Edgar-nominated COP TOWN and the instant NYT bestselling stand-alone novels PRETTY GIRLS, THE GOOD DAUGHTER, and PIECES OF HER. Slaughter is the founder of the Save the Libraries project—a nonprofit organization established to support libraries and library programming. A native of Georgia, she lives in Atlanta. Her stand-alone novel PIECES OF HER is in development with Netflix, starring Toni Collette, and the Grant County and Will Trent series are in development for television.

Facebook www.facebook.com/AuthorKarinSlaughter/
Instagram www.instagram.com/karinslaughterauthor/
Twitter @SlaughterKarin

#BookReview: MAGPIE LANE by Lucy Atkins @lucyatkins @QuercusBooks @ellakroftpatel #MagpieLane #repost #paperback #publicationday

Last year, I had the pleasure to read Magpie Lane by Lucy Atkins, a gripping thriller set in Oxford and I was completely captivated so I am delighted to repost again my review to celebrate the publication in paperback of this gripping novel.


Publication: 2nd April 2020 – Quercus

When the eight-year-old daughter of an Oxford College Master vanishes in the middle of the night, police turn to the Scottish nanny, Dee, for answers.

As Dee looks back over her time in the Master’s Lodging – an eerie and ancient house – a picture of a high achieving but dysfunctional family emerges: Nick, the fiercely intelligent and powerful father; his beautiful Danish wife Mariah, pregnant with their child; and the lost little girl, Felicity, almost mute, seeing ghosts, grieving her dead mother.

But is Dee telling the whole story? Is her growing friendship with the eccentric house historian, Linklater, any cause for concern? And most of all, why is Felicity silent?

Roaming Oxford’s secret passages and hidden graveyards, Magpie Lane explores the true meaning of family – and what it is to be denied one.


I have been having a bit of a hard time concentrating on reading lately (and I’ve seen I am not the only one), but Magpie Lane kept me completely captivated. Such an excellent read! Multi-layered characters, a creepy atmosphere, a house seemingly haunted by ghosts, and a gripping plot. I couldn’t put it down!

It all started when Dee met new College Master Nick Law and got offered a job as a nanny for his daughter Felicity. Eight months later, Felicity is missing and Dee and Nick and his wife are turning on each other. What happened? As Dee is interviewed by the police we discover a disturbing story of loss, dysfunctional family, and secrets.

The story is very well-written and you can feel the tension as you turn page after page. The author’s choice of the setting is fantastic. Master House is claustrophobic and with an interesting and dark history, almost a character itself, that gave me goose-bumps all over my body. The author’s beautiful descriptions and the fascinating and intriguing historical facts narrated through the character of Linklater really bring Oxford to life and kept me glued to the pages.

The author put together a cast of brilliant and complex characters: there is Dee, the Scottish nanny with an obsession for mathematics and a mysterious past; Nick, an ambitious professor who cares more about his job than his own daughter; his Danish pregnant wife Mariah, who restores wallpaper; his daughter Felicity, a eight-year-old girl with selective mutism; and House Detective Linklater with a deep knowledge of Oxford.

Magpie Lane is intense, dramatic, and addictive. I couldn’t wait to see how it ended and, yet, I didn’t want it to end. I adored it and I couldn’t recommend it enough!!!

A huge thank you to Ella and Quercus for providing me with a proof of this brilliant novel.

#BlogTour: TRUTH OR DARE by A. J. Arldige @mjarlidge @orionbooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Publication: 24th June 2021 – Orion


A crimewave sweeps through the city and no-one is safe. An arson at the docks. A carjacking gone wrong. A murder in a country park. What connects all these crimes without causes, which leave no clues?

Detective Inspector Helen Grace faces the rising tide of cases which threatens to drown the city. But each crime is just a piece of a puzzle which is falling into place.

And when it becomes clear just how twisted and ingenious this web of crime is, D.I. Grace will realise that it may be impossible to stop it . . .





Happy Sunday everyone! I am delighted to take part in the blog tour for Truth Or Dare, the gripping new novel by M. J. Arlidge.

A crime wave seems to hit the city of Southampton and DI Helen Grace and her team are scrambling to figure out if the crimes are connected and to stop the killer before they hit again. The police is under a lot of pressure to stop the crimes while DI Grace has to face a split of alliances inside her own team.

I have to admit that I was introduced late to this fantastic series by M. J. Arlidge, so I haven’t read all the books yet (but I am catching up), but Truth Or Dare can easily be read as a stand-alone if you are new to the series, as well. Even though I haven’t read all the books, this is one of my favourite police procedural series and I love the character of DI Helen Grace. She is authentic, relatable, and tough and she doesn’t let anyone push her around. In Truth Or Dare she has to contend with someone from inside her team trying to sabotage her career, but that doesn’t stop her from doing her job.

The story is addictive and engaging. Set in an arc of seven days, the plot is suspenseful and twisty and, even though there were a few things that I figured out on my own, it still took me frequently by surprise. The author flawlessly switches from one character’s perspective to another, and the tension just keeps building and building. A clever thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for a few hours.

A huge thank you to Tracy and Orion for inviting me to join the blog tour and providing me with a proof of this novel.