#BookReview: THE PLUS ONE

THE PLUS ONE is one of these books that should be on everyone’s reading list. It has an enjoyable and captivating plot, a cast of colorful and engaging characters, and a likable and funny heroine. I laughed a lot and I couldn’t get enough of Polly’s adventures.

The protagonist of the novel is Polly. She is a journalist working for Posh, a magazine that focuses on the English royalties, their pets, their children, and their weird quirks, so she finds herself going to orgies attended by politicians, dukes, and princes, taking photoshoots involving five hundred avocados, and trying Russian detox treatments all for the sake of an article. She also finds herself mixing with lords, marquess, and sheiks, all obsessed with their animals (mostly dogs, horses, and chickens). On the personal side, Polly is worried about her mother who is been on her own since her husband died twenty years earlier. Her two best friends are with people she doesn’t really like and one of them is getting married in a few months. Tired of being just “Polly” on wedding invitations, Polly hopes that this time she will find her plus one, her Mr Willoughby (her idea of romance is the love story between Marianne and Mr. Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility). This novel made me laugh not only for the weird situations Polly get herself in, but also for the personality of the protagonist. She is down-to-heart, realistic, loyal. She is entertaining and witty and I wished she was my friend.

I like the author’s writing style, flawless and clear, which, together with the compelling and refreshing plot, made it almost impossible for me to put it down (if it wasn’t for my job, I would read this in less than a day). I am already looking forward to whatever Sophia Money-Coutts writes next, but, in the meantime, I would like to thank HQ for providing me with a proof of this immersive and brilliant novel.