#BlogTour: MISRULE by Heather Walter @heatherrwalter5 @DelReyUK

Publication: 10th May 2022 – DelRey

Did they break the curse, or begin one? Sleeping Beauty’s dark sorceress reclaims her story in this sequel to Malice

Perfect for fans of Naomi Novik and Holly Black.

The Dark Grace is dead. Feared and despised for the sinister power in her veins, Alyce has spent 100 years wreaking her revenge on the kingdom that made her an outcast. Once a realm of decadence and beauty, Briar is now wholly Alyce’s wicked domain. No one escapes the consequences of her wrath.

Not even the one person who holds her heart.

Princess Aurora saw through Alyce’s thorny façade, earning a love that promised the dawn of a new age. But that love came with a heavy price: Aurora now sleeps under a curse that even Alyce’s vast power cannot seem to break, and their dream of the world they would have built together is nothing but ash.

Alyce vows to do anything to wake the woman she loves, even if it means descending into the monster Briar believed her to be. But could Aurora ever love the villain Alyce has become?

Or is true love only for fairy tales?



Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! Today it’s my turn on the blog tour for Misrule, the new fabulous novel by Heather Walter.

Misrule is the incredible and gripping sequel to Malice, a beautiful and well-written retelling of Sleeping Beauty in which princess Aurora has to suffer through many kisses in search of the true love that will end the curse and save her life, while Alyce is the Vila everyone despises and fears.

Misrule starts a hundred years after the events of Malice. Aurora is still sleeping, under the curse that hit her, while Alyce leads the Dark Court in her revenge against those who have wronged her. The Dark Court is open to all those victims of the humans and the Fae, so goblins, demons, and Vila are all welcome. Alyce freed them from their captors and now they all live in what once was the court of Briar. For the past one hundred years, Alyce has tried to break Aurora from her sleep, but she also fears the consequences of her awakening. Will she remember her? Will their love survive?

The author crafted a brilliant conclusion to this duology. In Misrule, we see the genuine development of the characters of Alyce and Aurora. The story is told in first person from Alyce’s point of view, so we know all her thoughts, her fears, her doubts, we know the reasons behind the choices (good and bad) that she makes. Is Alyce really the villain in the story? Or is she the hero? In waging war against the humans, is she better than those who wronged her? On the other hand, Aurora is the princess who thought one day would be queen of her kingdom only to find it destroyed. The place she once called home is no longer there and she doesn’t know who she can trust.

I really enjoyed reading Misrule. I was engrossed in the characters’ development, in the intriguing story, the fantastic world-building, and the fitting ending to this magical story. Highly recommended!

A huge thank you to Daisy and DelRey for inviting me to join the blog tour and providing me with a beautiful copy of the novel.

Don’t miss @Laurensliterar1‘s stop tomorrow and follow the rest of the blog tour

Heather Walter is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, a former English teacher, and now works as a school librarian in Austin, Texas. As an LGBTQ+ author, Heather is passionate about telling and championing queer stories, and loves writing about what-ifs, flawed protagonists, and re-imagined history. Her favourite characters are usually villains. MALICE is her debut novel.

“I wrote MALICE for anyone who harbours a seed of villainy in their heart. Alyce dwells in the shadows between good and evil—perhaps more like us than we care to admit. This book is about the weak unlocking their strength, and the power and poison of love. A fairy tale that aims to hold a mirror to our darkest truths.”

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