#BookReview: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS by Alice Feeney @alicewriterland @HQstories

Publication: 19th August 2021 – HQ

Ten years of marriage.
Ten years of secrets.
An anniversary they’ll never forget.

Adam and Amelia are spending the weekend in the Scottish Highlands. The remote location is perfect for what they have planned.

But when their romantic trip takes a dark turn, they both start to wonder – can they trust the one they’re with?

Because every couple tells little white lies. Only for Adam and Amelia, the truth is far more dangerous.



The Scottish Highlands have been the settings of quite a few of the books I read in the last few months (it seems is the perfect setting for a good and gripping thriller) and now it has become one of these places that I have to visit at least once because it sounds – and it looks from the pictures online – incredible. The Scottish Highlands are also the setting of Alice Feeney’s gripping new thriller, Rock Paper Scissors.

The protagonists are Amelia and Adam Wright. Their marriage is far from happy and blissful and a weekend together in a remote location in Scotland is their chance to figure out whether they should keep fighting for their marriage or end it once and for all. This is a psychological thriller so, of course, there is a snow-storm that cuts them off from any communication with the outside world, someone is lurking outside their hideaway, and the secrets and lies they are keeping make it impossible to trust each other.

I have to admit that I didn’t like any of the protagonists. I found them selfish, self-centered, and obsessive, but they are also multi-layered and well-developed and I was completely addicted to their narrative. The story is told from each protagonist’s perspective and I found myself siding at times with Amelia, at times with Adam, and at times wondering how are they are still together.

The author does an amazing job in revealing the truth, the secrets they are keeping, a little bit at the time, and I was hooked to the page until the last shocking revelation that I really didn’t see coming. I have read all Alice Feeney’s novels and I can honestly say that Rock Paper Scissors is my favourite so far. Thrilling, twisty, and suspenseful, I read it in two sittings. Highly recommended!!!

A huge thank you to HQ and NetGalley for providing me with a proof of this fantastic novel.

Alice Feeney is a writer and journalist. She spent fifteen years at the BBC where she worked as a reporter, news editor, arts and entertainment producer and One O’clock news producer.

Alice has lived in London and Sydney and has now settled in the Surrey countryside, where she lives with her husband and dog.

Her debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, was a New York Times and international bestseller. The book has been sold in over twenty countries and is being made into a TV series by a major film studio, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her third novel His and Hers is soon to be a major TV show with Jessica Chastain as executive producer.

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